Since 2011, our company has been structured around two manufacturing entities:

- Aleppo (Syria)

- Nabeul (Tunisia)

And a distribution company in France (ALEPEO).

The manufacturing of our traditional soaps is carried out by a master soap maker from Aleppo on both sites.

Our philosophy

The priorities in our product development efforts are quality assurance and a return to natural sources. We wanted to maintain an alliance between a thousand-year-old tradition which takes us back to history and scientific research and development in order to present the end consumer with a perfect product from which they can naturally benefit from its virtues (pure & natural traditional Aleppo soap)

From the start of our activity, we had applied to the entire team working for our B’nature manufacturing unit in Tunisia our working philosophy: respect for the environment, respect for our customers by providing impeccable quality of our products.

Our manufacturing charter:

1- Keep our know-how up to date

2- Choose raw materials of excellent quality and certified organic or natural: Olive oil and bay laurel oil

3- Make real Aleppo soap while respecting the ancestral method originating from Aleppo as well as European regulations.

4- Respect for intoxication

5- Biodegradable packaging.

Ancestral method of making our ALEPEO soap

In Aleppo (SYRIA) master soap makers who are recognized on the local market prepare at the end of each year (after the olive harvest) to make the famous cube of Aleppo soap. Of course the manufacturing method is one that has been practiced for thousands of years. There is no question of making real Aleppo soap with any other method (cold or semi-cold manufacturing method). The master soap maker of the “ALEPEO” company carries out the usual rituals during the manufacturing period of our Aleppo soaps:

- Choice of olive oil and bay laurel oil

- Preparation of the cauldron of Aleppo soap

- Preparation of layouts, cutting materials

- Storage locations during drying and maturation.

Facing the cauldron while each batch of soap is cooked, emotions emerge in front of the alchemical transformation of vegetable oils into soap paste. Visual control of the processing of oils is verified by sciatic controls at several stages of manufacturing which normally lasts between 2 to 3 days for each batch. The quantity of our batches is 3500 kg.

At the end of cooking, despite scientific control being applied, he does not hesitate to taste the soap paste with the tip of his tongue, spreading a drop on his hand. It is a moment of intense exaltation when the result of the tasting is perfect. We don't do anything anymore. The soap dough is ready.

Our expertise

Our know-how extends over several manufacturing disciplines:

- Manufacturing of Traditional Aleppo soap

- Liquid soap manufacturing

- Manufacture of black soap

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