What is ALEPEO Aleppo soap?

It's an authentic Aleppo soap of the highest quality. ALEPEO soap is an integral part of the well-being of many women and men, and since their first use of this soap they have adopted it forever. Minimalists have found in this wonderful soap the ideal product to use for :

- washing in the bathroom

- washing clothes in a totally ecological way

- shave

- cleaning your face... and many other uses.

Zero-waste enthusiasts are also interested, given its benefits and plastic-free packaging.

Our ALEPEO Soap is an authentic Aleppo soap from the town of ALEP (Syria). This is where soap has been made for over 3000 years.

In the 90s, a French geographer travelled to Syria to discover the treasures of the city of Aleppo (one of the cradles of civilization). He made an interesting discovery: Aleppo soap. At the time, Aleppo soap was unknown in France and Europe. A new brand was created by Mr. Thaddée de Slizewicz le Géographe to promote and distribute the famous Aleppo soap. From that moment on, the story of Aleppo soap began to go global. Europeans continued to discover this soap and its benefits. The number of followers of this excellent soap continues to grow.

For those who haven't yet discovered this magnificent soap, I invite you to discover the real Aleppo soap from the "ALEPEO" brand, sold by a number of distributors in France and Europe, and also on the "alepeo.com" online store.

Traditionally, ALEPEO Aleppo soap takes the form of a cubic or parallelepipedic bar. The exterior of a mature soap (dried for at least 9 months in the open air) is ochre/brown, but the interior retains the greenish color of the oils used in its manufacture. It is generally marked with a manufacturing seal (in Arabic), enabling the manufacturer to be identified. In Europe, soap packaging should bear several indications to ensure traceability: batch number and date of manufacture.

It's important to note that soaps made by Aleppo master soap-makers are not all the same. Their quality depends on several factors:

- Raw materials and their quality (acidity of oils, waste and residues, oils other than olive and bay laurel)

- The master soap-maker. For the same raw materials and different master soap-makers, we have different qualities of Aleppo soap.

ALEPEO Aleppo Soap

Aleppo soap: how to identify authenticity

Having an Aleppo soap in hand, to verify its authenticity, proceed as follows:

Checking external appearance:

1- its color: authentic Aleppo soap should be brown in color (a variation in this color is due to the laurel berry oil content). The higher the percentage of bay laurel oil, the darker the color.

2- A genuine, well-made Aleppo soap should be pleasant to the touch and smooth (despite its irregular shape). A soap with a rough feel and a whitish powdery surface should be avoided at all costs.

3- The presence of a seal (the manufacturer's name in Arabic) is absolutely essential.

4- A traditional, authentic Aleppo soap (approx. 200 g) should not be perfumed. Its natural fragrance comes from bay laurel oil.

5- Authentic, well-saponified Aleppo soap should float in water. If it doesn't float, it's probably made with ingredients other than olive oil and bay laurel oil. Or it may not have been made by a true master soap-maker.

An Aleppine (i.e. a resident of the city of Aleppo) who knows Aleppo soap, when he wants to buy genuine, quality Aleppo soap, proceeds as follows:

1- he asks the seller to cut up the soap for him (Aleppo soap sellers often already have a cut-up soap from each batch),

2- he puts the two cut-out parts of the soap under his nose (to smell the presence of laurel oil). A soap made with bay laurel oil should give off the fragrance of this noble oil. The higher the percentage of this oil, the stronger the scent. It also checks for the presence of palm oil.

3- He then checks the name of the soap-maker who made it. If the name is known for its excellent reputation, the Aleppine is at this point likely to be seduced and convinced that this is a good Aleppo soap that he could use in his bathroom.

the manufacturing seal takes the following form:

The honest soap-maker marks his soap with stars. In general, the higher the percentage of bay laurel oil, the more stars. This is not a decisive criterion for the quality and percentage of bay laurel oil.

ALEPEO Aleppo soap: properties and benefits

ALEPEO Aleppo soap stands out from other soaps thanks to its 100% natural, ancestral formula. It contains no preservatives, additives or synthetic fragrances. The raw materials used in its manufacture are chosen according to strict criteria that guarantee the quality of our soaps. That's why ALEPEO soap (for its entire range, distinguished by its laurel berry oil content) is so beneficial to your skin.

ALEPEO soap gently cleanses your skin, and above all does not strip it of its hydrolipidic film. You can use it for both body and face cleansing. Its main properties are:

- Moisturizes the skin,

- Combats skin dryness thanks to its high concentration of vegetable oils (> 83%).

- Emollient: softens and smoothes dry skin,

- Refine skin texture (Aleppo soap is astringent and can help reduce the appearance of dilated pores),

- has healing and soothing properties.

- Relieves problem skin (acne, psoriasis, exema...) (for problem skin, use soaps with a high laurel berry oil content (20 or 30%).

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