Traditionnal Aleppo Soap

Choose quality with traditional, natural and vegetable Aleppo soap

Our Alepeo shop offers you the opportunity to discover the thousand-year-old tradition of the city of Aleppo with our collection of traditional Aleppo soaps. Made according to ancestral methods, they are renowned for their intense hydration and deep cleansing of the skin. Effects that they owe to natural ingredients of plant origin such as olive oil and laurel oil. By purchasing one of our Aleppo soaps, you benefit from the nourishing properties of fatty acids and vitamins for a radiant complexion. We offer them in varying concentrations of bay butter to meet the needs of every skin type. So whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, you can find the perfect soap for you. If you are looking for an organic and natural quality soap, you can opt for traditional Aleppo soap without hesitation.

In addition, including a traditional Aleppo soap offered by Alepeo in your skincare routine also allows you to live unique sensory experiences on a daily basis. In fact, our Aleppo soaps contain delicately dosed scents to intoxicate you with pleasant and refreshing natural aromas. Do you still prefer to use green and eco-friendly products? Since they are made from 100% natural raw materials, our natural Aleppo soaps are healthy and not harmful to the skin or the environment. Do not hesitate any longer! Make the choice of quality and tradition by opting for authentic and handcrafted products. Order now on our Alepeo online store to discover and enjoy all the benefits of traditional Aleppo soap.

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