Scrub Soap

We offer liquid or solid Aleppo shampoos for sale.

Not all shampoos are created equal. Adopt the right shampoo to take care of your scalp and restore vitality to your hair.

What type of hair is Aleppo soap shampoo best suited for?

Ideal for oily hair, Aleppo soap eliminates excess sebum.

The purifying agents that compose it perfectly rebalance your scalp and give your hair absolute softness.

If you are prone to dandruff, Aleppo soap shampoo will be your ally. It destroys dandruff and soothes scalp irritations.

Namely, our shampoos do not contain any chemical additives, which would have the effect of attacking the hair.

The different categories of shampoo present at Alepeo

Our range consists of two liquid shampoos: one with argan oil and another with nigella oil, and a solid shampoo with Aleppo soap.

Argan oil, very rich in vitamin E, is the ingredient to prescribe for your hair care. It deeply nourishes your hair, from roots to ends.

In addition, it brings shine and luster to your hair.

Nigella oil has other benefits. It will strengthen and stimulate hair regrowth.

The solid shampoo with Aleppo soap is the very definition of real Aleppo soap. Due to its content of olive oil and bay laurel oil, it will naturally moisturize your hair and cleanse your scalp.

To complete our range, we have created a Nigella oil conditioner. It can be applied as a conditioner to strengthen your hair and make it softer to the touch.

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