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Handcrafted Manufactured by a passionate master soap maker

No Plastic

Our packaging does not contain plastic

Organic 100%

It is the first certified organic Aleppo soap in France.

Great for your skin

Relieves your skin problems and protects it

Planet Earth preserved

Our soap is 100 biodegradable with zero waste

100% On Yuka

Yuka endorses our traditional soaps 100%

Our featured products

Alepeo SOAP

Liquid Aleppo Soap

ALEPEO soap is an Aleppo soap par excellence

Ancestral production of Aleppo soap

ALEPEO is a manufacturer of authentic Aleppo soap of exceptional quality and also certified ORGANIC (COSMOS ORGANIC). He knew how to preserve an ancestral manufacturing method transmitted from generation to generation. The ingredients used are carefully selected. Our Aleppo soaps are notably composed of 83% noble olive and laurel oils and do not contain palm oil, preservatives or EDTA. The famous world-famous soap cube is made in a cauldron according to our ancestral know-how. The result is a soap that floats in water, confirming quality manufacturing. Authentic Aleppo soap is also the only one in the world to have this property.

Scented soap

Body Care

organic black soap

Black soap for exfoliation

Alepeo is a company dedicated to the manufacture of black soap according to Moroccan tradition. Black soap is known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, which make it a popular skincare product. It is made mainly in Morocco from natural ingredients such as olive oil, Argan oil. Oriental women have a long tradition of skin care, and in particular seek to have soft and delicately scented skin. Black soap is one of the flagship products of these treatments, as it eliminates impurities while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It is also known for its exfoliating properties, which help reveal brighter, more radiant skin. By choosing Alepeo, consumers can be sure to use a product made using traditional and environmentally friendly methods, while enjoying the benefits of a superior quality black soap. It is possible to use it for all skin types for a complete beauty ritual. Indeed, it can be used to cleanse the face, for hair care and for the body.

The Alepeo soap and its benefits

It is a video that summarizes the ancestral manufacturing method and the benefits of our soaps.

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