Aleppo soap

Savon d’Alep authentique

Authentic Aleppo Soap: ALEPEO is a certified BIO authentic quality soapmaker that has preserved an ancient manufacturing process passed from master soapmakers from generation to generation. The ingredients we use are carefully selected. Our Aleppo soaps are mainly composed of 83% of noble olive and laurel oils and do not contain palm oil, preservatives or EDTA. The famous cube-shaped soap known worldwide is handmade in a cauldron using our ancestral knowledge. The result is a soap that floats on water, confirming its quality. Authentic Aleppo soap is the only one in the world that has this property. Benefits of authentic Aleppo soap: our authentic Aleppo soaps have many benefits for the skin, such as antiseptic, purifying and hydrating properties, making it the ideal soap for daily use on the face and body. Aleppo soap also helps to relieve acne in teenagers, reduce skin blemishes and make the complexion even. Depending on your skin type (normal, sensitive, oily, dry or “problem”), we recommend a precise dosage of laurel oil expressed as a percentage (see below). For short hair, it is also possible to use our shampoos with Aleppo soap, which will soften and nourish your hair and soothe the scalp from itching and flakes. What authentic Aleppo soap to choose? For normal skin we recommend a soap with a laurel oil percentage of 4% or 12%. For sensitive skin it is best to use a soap with a low laurel oil content (0% or 4%) on a daily basis. Oily skin prefers a higher percentage of laurel oil: if this is the case, we recommend our authentic Aleppo soap with laurel oil percentages of 12%, 20% or 30%, to be used a few times a week. The rest of the time, use a soap for normal skin. For dry skin, prefer our soap with 0% or our natural liquid soap on a weekly basis, that is to say twice or three times a week. For problem skin such as acne, psoriasis or eczema, the use of an authentic Aleppo soap with a high laurel oil content (20%, 30% and 40%) is recommended several times a week. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist to confirm the benefits of Aleppo soap in your particular case. Advantages of buying your Aleppo soap directly from your manufacturer: choosing ALEPEO is to buy high quality BIO certified authentic Aleppo soap whose artisanal and ancestral manufacturing process respects a precise specification. In this case, the raw materials used are organic or natural, controlled by analysis before purchase and delivery and were obtained from partners respecting fair trade. You also make a choice for environmental respect. ALEPEO soaps are no longer packed in plastic and we are working on rechargeable bottles for our liquid soaps. Finally, our soaps are checked by a French analysis laboratory and each product has a DIP file respecting European regulations in this matter.

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