Aleppo soap shavings for your ecological washing powder


ALEPEO" Aleppo soap shavings are made from Aleppo soap certified COSMOS NATURAL by Ecocert Green life.

This self-prepared detergent is suitable for all white or colored cotton, linen, hemp or mixed-fiber laundry at 40 to 95°C.


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Made by saponifying olive and bay laurel oils using the traditional Aleppo method. The Aleppo soap obtained after a period of drying and refining is mechanically transformed into shavings. It contains no colorants, perfumes or additives, and is suitable for even the most delicate linens. These shavings are ideal as a natural, ecological detergent for hand and machine washing. The shavings can also be used as a basic ingredient in molded soaps.

directions for use :

Read the label on your clothes and follow the instructions for washing at high or low temperatures.

Machine washable:

1-Temperature lower than or = 30°: pour 500ml of pre-prepared detergent in the center of the laundry into the drum.

2-Temperature above 40°: pour 400ml of pre-prepared detergent into the center of the laundry in the drum.

Hand wash:

pour 700ml of pre-prepared detergent into 5 liters of hot water.

Wash and rinse with plenty of clear, cold or lukewarm water (depending on fabric).

How to make your own detergent with Aleppo soap shavings

- Bring a liter of water to the boil in a stainless steel saucepan.

- Add 30g of Aleppo soap shavings

- Melt the shavings completely, stirring the lye from time to time.

- Let stand and cool.

- Transfer your detergent to a storage container (old detergent can after washing and rinsing).

- Shake the detergent each time you use it, before pouring it into the washing machine.

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