In 1989 Riad BASMAJI, the creator of the ALEPEO company “from his hometown of Aleppo”, had just finished his higher education to obtain his Doctor of Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics from the Paris Observatory. He had put his knowledge in applied mathematics and computer science to the profile of several French companies.

In 2001 and with two friends, he created a company to distribute Aleppo soap in France. In 2003 he began to install his first soap factory in the Aleppo region (Kafar Naha). Being passionate about this famous cube of Aleppo soap, Riad BASMAJI had tried to train discreetly by working alongside and observing the best master soap makers in Aleppo. It is a profession that is passed down from father to son and is jealously kept away from curious people.

In 2011, events in Syria accelerated. The master soap maker Riad BASMAJI had felt the danger that threatened the progression of the activity of his young soap factory. He had decided to transfer the soap factory to Tunisia and new adventures began. Being of scientific origin, Riad BASMAJI brought additional touches by combining tradition and science. The manufacturing of “ALEPEO” Aleppo soap scrupulously respects an ancestral scientific method. Olive oil is analyzed before use. The caustic soda is chosen that of very good quality and natural, the manufacture of the soap paste is no longer done by eye (like most soap makers) but respecting precise dosages

He had installed his first soap factory (B’nature SARL) in the Tunis region (Mornag). The restart was not easy. He faced several levels of problems which were gradually overcome.

In 2015, he was forced to expand the surface area of the soap factory (2000 m²) in order to cope with new orders.

From 2016, B’nature began in partnership with Ecocert Green life France to certify these products. A new team which takes care of the quality charter and European regulations (started in 2009 with the BIO-EC laboratory).

The manufacturing of our range of Aleppo soap (solid and liquid) in Tunisia was entirely certified by Ecocert Green Life France.

With the return of calm in Syria B’nature continued to manufacture these soaps in Aleppo (in partnership with an artisanal soap factory).

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